The “Sightseer”, Inc., is the ORIGINAL exciting and fun sightseeing tour service that provides light family adventure tours of Denver, Colorado, and the Rocky Mountains. Our adventures are designed to encourage our guests to “get off the bus” to see, learn, and explore the treasures that Denver and Colorado have to offer. Because we specialize in having fun, our sightseeing tour adventures are arranged so guests have a full experience while not feeling rushed during their visit.

Why Should You Tour With Us?

* Our tours are designed by real Colorado Natives not transplants.
* We are the original Colorado Sightseeing Specialists.
* We created the amazing tours, others copied us.
* We use trained tour guides, not bus drivers.
* We specialize in sightseeing adventures.
* We take you many places buses cannot go.
* We include price of admission inside visited attractions.
* We include complimentary snacks and drinks on all adventures.
* We are Denver, Colorado, and the Rocky Mountains!
* We make learning fun!

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