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Ask The Expert

Q: My family and I will be spending a few days in Denver, Colorado next month and were wondering if you have any suggestions for excursions to the surrounding countryside without having to hassle with renting a car and finding our way around?

A: There is much to see and do just outside Denver without venturing into the thick of the Rockies. The Colorado Sightseer organizes half and full day tours, many of which take you to the Western Foothills where you’ll gain a true sense of these majestic mountains and the rugged scenery that surrounds them. Highlights include visits to the gold mining country, Coors Brewery, Buffalo Bill’s Grave, Colorado Springs and the United States Air Force Academy, the breathtaking summit of Mount Evans, and the historic towns of Central City and Blackhawk.

Tours vary depending on the season but you will always be accompanied by a friendly and knowledgeable guide eager to let you in on a secret or two about the old ways of the West. Guided historic tours of Denver are also possible. For more information and a brochure, call (303)423-8200.

Davies – Berkshire, England

This has been the most enjoyable part of my holiday, great details, wonderful views, great use of imagination, fantastic sense of history.

Amy Ward – Boston, MA

This has been the best tour I’ve ever been on. I will definitely recommend this to my hotel concierge! The history lesson was great!

Brad Lynch – Ottawa, Ontario

This has been an outstanding tour. The personal touch really adds to the enjoyment. Thanks a lot!

Abraham and Marigold Friedman – Queens, NY

We had a very good time. Heath gave us a wonderful tour. Very informative and educational. Abe and I and the 3 kids are glad to be on this tour with a good guide like Heath.

Carlos Cordero – United Way of Puerto Rico

Great Tour! I enjoyed your sharing of your knowledge. You are well-informed about historical and geographical stuff. Thanks for the snacks. Especially, thank you for the personal treatment.

Bill Vieregg – Boulder, CO

Excellent, most knowledgeable guide I’ve ever had.

Kulkarni Balwant – Pume, India

I participated in the tour to the Rocky Mountains led by Heath. I loved, enjoyed and was profoundly enlightened by the tour. Heath packs in a lot of enviable enthusiasm, knowledge, learning, humanity and love into his talks. He is very patient with your questions. I have taken many sightseeing tours all over the world. But this was different. It was an EXPERIENCE, an ENLIGHTENMENT and an EDUCATION. It was great joy.

Sue – Brisbane, Australia

Very interesting and informative tour. Really enjoyed all the info and stories. The contrast in areas visited was great!

Tom – Clinton, New Jersey

The conveying of local information of Colorado and the mountains was excellent. You care very much about your guests and that they have an enjoyable trip. Please keep this trait so that others can benefit from your knowledge.

Elsie and Bill – Pine Hill, New Jersey

Our trip was awesome, we really enjoyed it. Heath was the best tour guide we ever had.

Karen – Cadiz, Kentucky

The best tour since I’ve been here. You are an excellent guide and very informative.

Tom and Mari – Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

What a wonderful, special day! The mountains and wildlife were breathtaking!! Rising above the clouds – seeing the sunshine reinforced how close we are to heaven in Colorado – Thank You!!

Ron and Carolyn

Great trip! Enjoyed it all. Your comments and facts were wonderful and we’ll take home many good memories. Thank you.

Carol, Julio, and Michael Aviles – Aberdeen, MD

Would not have experienced so much if we hadn’t gone on this tour. Have never tasted spring water before or seen such beautiful rock formations. This will be a wonderful memory for a long time to come after leaving Colorado. The stories will give us background when we tell others back home about our visit.